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Who Won the Vice President Debate?

Alright let's get straight into it let's talk about the vice presidential debate last night now it was way better than the potential president candidate debate with that s*** show that happened with Trump and Biden like I'm not voting for either one of them at all and I know people will be like you have to choose between those two but I'm voting for Jo Jorgensen of the libertarian party. Well with this debate last night, I do believe of Kamala Harris won the debate last night, she was able to gather her point across better than Pence. Pence spent all night pretty much defending Trump lies. Harris point out how the Trump administration knew about Covid-19 and did nothing until it was too late, we have lost over 200k lives due to the virus. My opinion Kamala Harris won the debate last night, but the fly on Pence Head stole the show lol.

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