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Upcoming Rapper King Von Murdered In an Outside Brawl!!

Upcoming rapper King Von was shoot outside a nightclub in Atlanta. King Von went out to attend an after party event, and gotten into a fight outside the club. King Von was fighting Quando Rondo when a member of Rondo's crew shot him multiple times. King Von was unarmed and also one of King Von's close friends was also shot killed and many others was injured during the gunfire, from some off duty police officers as well. According to multiple sources shots were coming everywhere. There is also a video floating with shooting, and I will not be posting that video, out respect for the his love ones and fans. This is tragic blow to the black community, our young black men losing their life at young age. King Von had promising career, and he was a way out for his family, friends , and young kids from the ghetto. Prayers to him and his family!!!!

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