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DMX Passes Away At 50

Legendary rapper DMX was taken to the hospital on April 2nd due an heart attack. The updates for the rapper DMX was reported the follow day on April 3rd that he was on life support with minimal brain activity. Later on the following week DMX organs began to fail and was in a vegetative state. The rapper passed away on the morning of April 9th after being in a coma for little bit over a week. The legendary rapper was known for his rough sounding rawness lyrics and classic albums such as It's Dark and Hell Is Hot, Flesh of My Flesh and Blood of My Blood and more. DMX had 7 albums and out the 7 albums 5 were platinum and 2 were Gold. DMX had an amazing career through the ups and downs, he is listed as one the best MC's in the Hip Hop community. He will truly be missed!!!

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