• april wright

Cardi B Hot New Single "Big Paper"

Cardi B just dropped a new single on DJ Khaled new album "Khaled Khaled" called Big Paper. This record gives Cardi B fans that Red Bars flow from her mixtape days. Big Bardi has been humble in a lot of her content she dropped over the years, and my intake on this record is that I love the cockiness, confidence, and growth. I love the excitement of the record. Cardi shows the Rap community that she has been working and getting better at the art & craft and I love it. The song had many mixed reviews mostly due to people trolling her. The truth is this record is a good record and regardless of how the haters come at her, she is currently raining supreme in the rap world among her peers. If you haven't checked out Big Paper yet, go take a listen and drop your comments below!!!

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