Tory Lanez Has Been Charge With Shooting Megan

With recent update on the Tory and Megan saga, Tory Lanez has been officially charge after proclaiming innocence in the latest project he dropped called Daystar. According to the L.A. county DA office, Tory is charge with one count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm, and one count of carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle. The D.A. also alleges Tory inflicted great bodily injury. If convicted, the rapper/singer faces up to 22 years and 8 months in prison.

Tory Lanez Drops New Album Daystar

Tory Lanez drops an surprising album this Friday called "Daystar", the album speculates what happen that night and the relationship between Tory, Meg, and her friend Kelsey. The album actually sounds good, all the tracks have a unique story to tell. The album feel like a guilty pleasure because even with situation surrounding the alleged shooting, the album is a bop. So what's your take on the new album Tory drop? #torylanez #newmusic #daystar