Zone Out Magazine was founded in April of 2012 as music and fashion magazine. April Marie a native of Houston, Texas started her career in the music and fashion industry at Tulane University with campus organization T.C.U.P. as an undergraduate. During her summer back in Houston she came across an Artist from the label Savage Life Entertainment and began promoting for the label. Her position change over the years from Branch Manager, Human Resource Manager over Texas division, and eventually becoming the publicist. While working her way through the ranks for Savage Life Entertainment, she began also working for a local radio station Street 93.3 in Houston with her own show “Happy Radio with April Marie” with her station owner and mentor Ms. Fiya. She also worked with the Aids Foundation and Condom Nation. April parted ways from Savage Life Entertainment in the Fall of 2015 to focus on growing her own business. She still is a part of the Street 93.3 family, just not active on the radio at the moment. During the beginning of 2016, she decided to revamp the magazine and focus on news dealing with politics, music, entertainment, fashion, and current stories.